Day 2, filling the boxes

Today is my box-filling day. Don’t ask me why it’s a Tuesday, it just wound up that way. Sometimes it shifts. I fill both parents’ boxes with multiple medications, and it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

I know what can happen if the wrong medicines get to the wrong person. There has been at least one time for each parent when they got a dose of the other one’s because the boxes are the same brand, same color, and when the boxes were new we had to remember to look on the side to see a name. Now, after doing this for over a year, I know the medicines by heart… but I know that a mistake is waiting around the corner if I get too self-assured.

Right now, I am taking 3 medications and multiple supplements. My ailments are relatively simple. But the older I get, the more likely it will be that I’ll need a box to sort it all out. That scares me. When I plug my parents’ meds into one of those databases that show interactions, all sorts of red lights show up. They need each and every drug they take, but wow what a dangerous balancing act this dosing is.

So I look carefully at each bottle, fill the appropriate boxes, and call in the refills each and every week. I call doctors if there are no refills, call insurance companies if they say something isn’t covered. I run to the pharmacy and pick up the bottles. And I hope I do the right thing, because it’s my parents’ life I’m responsible for as their caregiver.


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