I am in pain, and have felt a bit whiny; I think I need to cut it out. It isn’t helping.

Mom whines a lot – I know she’s in pain – and sometimes I wonder if it’s really helping her. I think at some point we have to purposefully look for the good, despite how we are feeling, after whining a little. Distraction from the pain. It’s hard to think of something to distract her from her pain, because the disability, pain and Parkinson’s prevent her from doing the things that used to distract her: cleaning, painting, exercising.

My dad does not whine. I can only tell if he’s in pain if he gets irritable or quiet. His frustration level is high when his Parkinson’s makes his muscles uncooperative and his speech stutter. So, mom whines and dad gets frustrated when he can’t talk to her clearly enough to help.

Today I’m coloring my hair. Maybe that will assuage the whiny person inside me… I can hope.


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