Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

How is it that a woman who threw a fit because she can’t stand the home health care worker she has one day a week can not understand why there is such a furor over the mosque near ground zero? “Why do people get so emotional over something like that” she says “It won’t bring back their loved ones.” Hmmm. (Keeping in mind that I feel any religion or organization has a right to build a community center, but understand how some people might be upset…) Let’s see what transpired to make my mother emotional…

Yesterday, mom had her least favorite (and, truth be told, my least favorite) health care worker from 9 am to 3 pm. (I have aides come in 3 times a week from 9-3) I did the morning stuff when she got up at between 6:30 and 7 am, so she’d had her breakfast and was sitting in her recliner by the time the aide got here at 9. The only interaction mom has to have, really, with the CNA is to ask for water, receive lunch, use the toilet and be helped into bed for her nap during this time. Yet, if I am in the house (darn it, I need some me time at home to simply relax) mom thinks I should do these things. Actually, because my mom doesn’t like this aide, she seems to expect me to be there to do these things.

Dad had physical therapy, so I was getting ready to take him. Mom tried to rope me into taking her to the toilet before I left, but I told her I had to use the toilet myself and that the aide could help her. Mom was furious with me, I could tell, but I took dad to PT and left her to her fury. When I got back with dad, she was in bed, and when I went to kiss her, she made it clear she did not want me near her. Later that day, she chewed me out verbally, saying things like “I can’t take this any more” and “Don’t ever push me off on _____ again” and so forth. She said she would rather sit in a wet diaper than have that aide help her. Honestly, it was as if I had left her with Mommy Dearest instead of a trained aide. So… she had to have a person she didn’t like help her take her pants down and pull them up and help her get into bed. Pretty big deal, eh? Worthy of a major crying jag, right?

Contrast that with people who watched in terror as the building their loved ones worked in went up in flames and then collapsed into rubble. People walking around with signs, asking if someone had seen their family member. People who had spoken their last words with their husband/wife via cell phone when they were trapped above the impact or in a plane with a terrorist. Yeah. The crappy aide is much worse…


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