Catching up

My last post was in October – really? That long??

This is not so surprising, really. My mother-in-law always comes out to visit at Thanksgiving for a couple of weeks, and the time leading up to it is always a bit stressful.

Looking back at my previous posts, I realize I did not mention mom’s compression fracture (L5) in July and subsequent vertebroplasty. She tried to get up by herself one early morning, so as not to wake me at 5 am (how many times do I have to say “if you have to go to the bathroom, call me, no matter what time it is”?) and fell on her backside. It took from July 24 to August 18 to finally get her in for this, and in the meantime she was in agonizing pain. Her pain was greatly relieved after the procedure.

Then, the day after Thanksgiving, as mom was walking with her walker toward the door of her bedroom and I had stepped away from her to open the door wider, she lost her balance and again fell backward. After we got her back up, I sat on the bed and cried… I knew, I just knew…

A few hours after the fall, we had to call an ambulance to come and get her to the ER because she was in so much pain. The ER did an X-ray and told us there was no fracture. Ooookaaaay, good news, I guess? And we carefully got her into the car and back home, but it was very difficult.

Sunday, her pain level was even worse. We again called the ambulance. This time, the ER did a CAT scan and said oh, there is a fracture, but not acute (really??) however they kept her overnight and gave her some heavy-duty pain medicine. Knocked her out all night and the next day. Really down for the count. They took her off of it and she gradually came back into the light, and the pain. Next day, MRI, showing there was an acute fracture of L2, right next to an old fracture of L1 that had healed years ago. You could have colored me a bright shade of frustrated.

Mom spent Sunday through Friday at the hospital, and was then transferred to a rehab facility to wait for another vertebroplasty the next week. The nursing home experience is fodder for another post. This time, the procedure did not have the pain relieving effect she had on her L5 fracture. Here we are, January 22, two months later, and her back not as bad as it was (it’s healing) and she’s had home health covered by medicare because she spent over 3 days in the hospital.

Next time: nursing home fun


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