Two years later…

I certainly did not plan to have a 2 year hiatus from this blog. My plan was to share the trials and tribulations of my journey, but it turned out to be so emotionally and physically stressful that there was no way I could put it to paper.

Two years ago, things were reaching a head. My dad was falling almost every day, his speech was almost unintelligible, and he was having trouble using eating utensils. My mom was becoming increasingly demanding, and had woken up from dreams several times convinced that she was in the garage and needed to get out – and falling when she attempted to get out of bed.

Good things happened – the discontinuation of one of dad’s medicines made a miracle happen: he no longer fell, his speech improved dramatically, and he could feed himself again properly. Bad things happened – mom fell and fractured another vertebra, and that, combined with a fractured collarbone (hairline) meant she could not walk with her walker. I had to physically help her transfer, and her pain increased.

A year and a half ago, I finally scheduled surgery to have my thyroid goiter out. The plan was to have my parents stay at a nursing home while I recovered, but by the time it was one month before my surgery, dad was doing better, and mom… was not. I was past exhausted. One day, while I was helping mom in the bathroom, she slowly toppled over and wound up on the floor, head first. It was an extremely slow fall, as she was holding on to her wheel chair arms. We decided to call for emergency help. She went to the emergency room, and while she was there, I walked up to the nurses station and said “I can’t do this any more” and we arranged to have her go into the nursing home early, after she was checked out at the hospital.

Thus began a new misery, but welcome relief.


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