Is it worth it?

Yesterday my nephew called and we talked for a few minutes about his family stopping by to visit. Then he asked “about Grandma…”


“Do you think that your visiting has any – uh – any… benefits for her?”

I think we all ask ourselves this question when we have people whose mental status can’t be determined. Those who have parents, children, who seem to be unaware of who we are, or who seem unable to tell us how they are or what they want, all wonder what good we are doing sometimes. My answer to him:

“She seems to know we are someone familiar. I don’t know if she knows who we are, sometimes she calls me mommy, sometimes she calls grandpa daddy. But she knows we are someone she knows. Beyond that, I can’t tell you”

Is that enough? Should be abandon our loved ones because we might not be doing them any good, or do we keep visiting and hope that we are?


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