I’m a fifty-something woman caring for elderly parents who live with me. I don’t plan on disclosing who I am, because I feel my parents deserve to maintain their privacy. If you should happen, by deduction, to figure out who I am, please don’t refer to me by name in the comment section.
I have a husband and three young adults living here as well. Add my parents’ cats, and it is something of a zoo.
My purpose for starting this blog is to both chronicle the experience for my own benefit and share with others who might be able to empathize/commiserate/learn from my experiences.


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  1. pollyann27
    May 09, 2013 @ 19:23:49

    When I was in my fifty’s, I also was caregiver for my mother. She slowly worsened with dementia, but we had some great laughs together. We also had some sad times, but I can honestly say we experienced some of our best years during her last ten years. One time I was sitting on a footstool at her feet and she said, “I feel like I’m losing part of myself.” A doctor could not have described it more accurately.

    You are the glue that holds the zoo together. Give yourself some away time when you can, doing just exactly what you want to do.

    My best to you . . . Pollyann27


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